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Simple Sailor is excited to announce:

Yacht Safety Systems



Yacht Safety, equipment, knowledge and procedures may get old but so too will the Simple Sailor who practices it...

Old Salt. quote.

Who Are We

Our Simple - Yacht Safety System Promise 

Simple Sailor Marine has picked and developed the simplest, sleekest and most cost efficient systems as well as products to keep you and your crew safe onboard or outboard. Yacht Safety Systems replace clunky gear that crew often skip or ignore due to complexity or discomfort with the simplest of goals in mind, complete safety.

From working aloft/ outboard lines custom cut to length for your vessel, to bosuns stages and even Fire Team outfits that make so much more sense than the status quo of land based firemans outfits, we know you will love our fresh look as well as one stop shop for all your essentials. No more searching, just concentrate on quality choice. Now thats a Simple Sailor approach to safety!

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