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Save time, money and paint with water as pure as ocean rain. Ditch the filters and chamois.


Save 50% on hours by utilizing our hose connected, regenerating ceramic media filter that 





We have studied the molecular properties of water, minerals, shore water supplies and onboard water systems to understand what is in the way between you and a perfect 5* finish. If you 'need' to use a chamois to dry in an attempt to avoid water marks you are inadvertently causing yourself more work. Let us explain this bold statement. We often meet yacht crew or owners who claim their 'ceramic' or 'paint' coating has failed. We listen and seek to understand their routine before jumping to conclusions. Once we have an understanding we go to work. In less than 5 minutes we are able to clean the surface 99% of the time to show them, the 'chalky' or spotty surface they are showing us is either chemical or mineral based exagerararated by the mechanical action of a hand chamois. Imagine taking 3000 grit sandpaper and wet sanding a fresh coat of paint by hand. This is the simplest explanation we have

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