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Sea Foam Boat Soap

We know, and are sure you will believe the results that our Sea Foam boat soap is visually better than the rest. Designed from the bottom of the bucket up, it actually coats your boat in a microscopic layer of naturally occuring shine that is UV protective and naturally ablates. 

Pure Ingredients made from plant derived enzymes and non film forming surfactancts. Our Simple Soap we call 'Sea Foam Boat Soap' is like no other. 

Choose between our pump bottle or dissolvable 5 Gal bucket sachets for 100% zero waste.

No more 'cap measures' over pours or post rinse soap marks due to excess soap.

Containing elements from lemons, oranges and coconut with added pure sea salt our high hang, high foam, ultimate dwell formula smells great, is safe for the skin and has a secret ingredient that spurns sea grass as well as combating ocean acidification. In its end use  form our soal is 100% biodegradable and does not leave any toxic trace to the sea. The only thing we can't stop it doing is removing your boats contaminants and dirt!


Now thats a Simple Sailor dream!

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